Conexus has partnered with Grow
to bring online lending
to Saskatchewan.
Conexus Credit Union believes banking is no longer a place you go, but a thing you do. Conexus’ focus is to enhance member experience by offering a convenient way to bank anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Grow is Canada’s leading online lending platform. Grow's job is to give Canadians a better way to borrow.

Using the power of technology, creditworthy members seeking loans will be able to apply anywhere, anytime, any place - and have money in their account by the next day. Anyone can apply — you don’t have to be a Conexus member. Both members and non-members will be able to check their rate in 1 minute without affecting their credit score.

Our loans are 1 - 5 year personal loans, for up to $30,000, and our rates range from 4.8% - 18.99% APR.

Our technology is built to allow you to apply with any device. Apply from the comfort of your couch on your computer, or while you're out and about on your phone. And we're available 24/7, because technology isn't restricted by inconvenient business hours.
On average, our
customers save $4,114.27
With the average credit card interest rate in Canada at 19.99%, many of our clients use our personal loans to pay off their credit card balances. They sleep easy at night knowing that after their 1 - 5 year term is up, they’ll be debt-free. Imagine what you could do with an extra $4,000 in your pocket.
No fees,
and no surprises
Fees frustrated us so much that we got rid of them completely. We don’t charge you an upfront fee and you don’t have to make a down payment to take out one of our personal loans. And, if you choose to pay off your loan early, there aren’t any fees for that either.
customer experience
Even though we’re high tech, we still appreciate human touch. Should you have a question, we’re here for you every step of the way — morning, noon, and night, and even on the weekends. Talk with us on live chat, by email, or by phone.
Don’t need a loan right now?

Take ultimate control
over your finances with RateTracker.
RateTracker monitors your personal credit metrics and, every month, e-mails or texts you an updated personalized interest rate. Ensure you never end up paying more than you should for credit from your bank or credit card provider by knowing exactly how much you should be paying. This is transparency powered by technology.
Completely Free!
Doesn’t affect your credit score
It only takes 1 minute to subscribe